Corporate CultureCorporate culture

Personnel systemOur Personnel System

Guiding Principles of Our Personnel System

Creativity, Determination, and Fairness

  1. 1A Creative Organization Where We Can Make the Most of Our Strengths
  2. 2A Culture of Determination Based on a Focus on both Efforts and Outcomes
  3. 3Fair Treatment That Properly Rewards Effort

Functional Organization of Our Personnel System

Our personnel system takes on the task of developing human resources — an incredibly important part of the running of our company. The system is divided into four separate subsystems: the Job Duty System, the Development Interview System, the Personnel Evaluation System, and the Wage System. These four systems organically connect with one another, in order to help develop the skills of each and every employee.

Personnel System Organizational Structure

Education and Training Systems

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Education for New HiresEmployees who are hired upon graduation take part in a month and a half of training at Tosoh Ceramics and Group companies, and other training outside the company. New employees then undergo training in various departments to determine their aptitudes before their roles are officially decided. Following that, new employees go through one to three months of on-the-job training at their new assignments.
Mid-career employees also undergo one to three months of on-the-job training in their new departments, and take part in training at Tosoh Ceramics and Group companies, as well as other training outside the company.

Elective Education for Skill ImprovementWe support personal development as a way for employees to improve their skills and other strengths. Ability ImprovementsEmployees can opt to take part in training outside the company, and the company will pay for the full cost of training. Correspondence CoursesEmployees who complete correspondence courses receive financial support equivalent to half of the tuition costs. Qualification SupportEmployees who acquire qualifications receive a reward payment from the company. • Support is limited to programs recognized by the company.

Themed EducationAs a member of the Tosoh Group, Tosoh Ceramics holds educational sessions for all employees at least once per year, on corporate social responsibility, compliance, and human rights.

Corporate cultureCorporate Culture

Creating a Comfortable Work Environment
That Values Original Ideas

An Open-Minded Workplace
with an Openness
to Sharing Ideas

  • Open-door policy for talking to supervisors, or even the plant manager
  • The willingness to hear whatever employees have to say

Rapid Implementation
of Good Ideas

  • Improvement Proposal System
  • Rapid decision-making and implementation of suggestions, investments in equipment, etc.

Balanced LifestyleEfforts toward Good Work-Life Balance

  • A Youth-Yell-Certified Company for FY 2019

We have been certified as a Youth Yell company by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. This certification is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises with excellent records of proactively hiring and training young people, and with outstanding management environments for young people.

WelfareEmployee Welfare

Providing Support Both at Work and in Personal Life
Through Excellent Employee Welfare

Their First Day on the Job,
Employees Receive Ten Days
of Paid Leave

Details may vary based on what time of year employees start working at Tosoh Ceramics, but employees who begin in April immediately receive ten days of paid leave, on their very first day at work.

Unused Paid Leave Days
Stay Valid and
Accumulate in Reserve

Paid leave days remain valid for two years, and employees can accumulate as many as forty days of paid leave. Additional paid leave days beyond those forty can be accumulated under the separate category of “reserve leave,” to be used in the event of, for example, a long-term hospitalization for an injury or sickness that occurred outside of work.

Special Paid Leave

Employees are entitled to special paid leave for weddings, leave to mourn a death, maternity leave, menstrual leave, and more.

Other Available Leave

Employees can also take leave before and after childbirth, childcare leave, and nursing care leave.

Insurance and More

The company offers an asset-building savings system, company housing, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, health insurance, and employee pension insurance.