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Up-and-Coming Employees

Top MessageMessage from Our President

Working to Enrich Society
through Manufacturing and Social Contributions

Our company was established in 1988 in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, as a manufacturer and processor of sintered fine ceramics. In the years since, we have worked to use the unique injection molding techniques we have developed, able to handle complex, precise processing, to become an R&D-oriented company; today, we manufacture a variety of ceramic compounds for injection molding, such as zirconia ceramics, as well as sintered fine ceramic items. We serve as a specialty wing of the Tosoh Group, focused on our work as a maker of processed ceramics.
Our Business Policies:

  1. Be the first to recognize customer needs, in order to provide value that satisfies customers and to provide customer-oriented business solutions.
  2. Use revolutionary technologies built on a base of our proprietary technologies, in order to discover and create new latent customer satisfaction.

We strive to balance these policies in our work, endeavoring to bring about a safe society alongside our efforts to help conserve and protect the global environment, as we advance our manufacturing work and our social contributions.
On behalf of everyone at Tosoh Ceramics, we thank you very much for your support, both past and future.

Masahiro Watanabe,
President and Plant Manager

Up-and-coming manpowerThe Types of People We’re Looking For

  • People who love
    making things
  • People who put
    their whole heart
    into what they do
  • People with lots of
    curiosity and
    a positive attitude
  • People who are
    about working
    with teams
  • People with a strong
    sense of responsibility
    and integrity
  • People who love
    new challenges

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