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Hiroyuki Kosaka, Manufacturing Department

Job Overview

Absolutely No Foreign Substances Allowed

I work in the Raw Materials Section, and my work is generally focused on making ceramic compounds that will be used to manufacture injection-molded items. The ratio of materials in the ceramic powder varies by what type of injection-molded items it will be used for. We have charts that show these ratios, or “recipes,” and we measure materials based on them. We then let the materials rest overnight so the moisture can evaporate, and the following day, we knead the mixture together and pelletize it. My team’s work involves the steps up to that point.
This work serves as the start of the injection molding process, and it’s crucial work that will serve as a base for what comes after. It’s vital to make sure that foreign substances don’t get mixed in. We wear full-body clean suits and hair nets at the work site, and go through an air shower on our way in. After we finish our work, we put just as much care and effort into making sure we clean up properly, too. Our work plays a major role in the quality of our clients’ products, so there’s no room to get sloppy if we want to maintain that trust.

What Makes the Work Satisfying

The Joy of Seeing Things
You Were Involved With
at Stores, in Magazines, or Online

The injection-molded items we produce often show up as components in products that make it to market, and it feels great to see those products at stores, in magazines, or online.
I wanted to work in manufacturing because I’ve liked making things ever since I was a kid. Even if I can’t see them, it makes me happy to know that things I’ve made are playing valuable roles.

Future Goals

Connecting Skilled Experts
with Younger Employees

At Tosoh Ceramics, we have a lot of seasoned experts on our staff, and their knowledge and experience are incredibly valuable. I hope that my generation can absorb these lessons, and pass them down to younger employees.
Whether it’s just sharing directly, or condensing knowledge and experience into manuals to be shared, I think it’s critical to preserve this information.

Today’s Schedule

8:30 Group meeting
8:40 Kneading & measurement work
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Kneading & measurement work
15:00 Workplace cleanup
15:30 Prepare documents
17:05 Go home

On Days Off

I love exercising, so when it’s nice out on an off-day, I’ll go running. It’s good for keeping healthy, and I enjoy looking at the scenery as I run. I’ll put on some music and run for about 20 km, and feel refreshed afterwards. I haven’t run a full marathon yet, but I’ve run half-marathons.

MessageA Message to Students

At Tosoh Ceramics, we actively work to hire new graduates.
Come be a part of our team, where you can work with people who are around same age as you!